Investment, innovation, and customer service contribute to expansion and growthKoenig & Bauer’s Continued Success in the CI Flexo Marketplace

  • Relocation of Koenig & Bauer flexographic press assembly operations in Tavazzano, Italy, to Würzburg, Germany 
  • The Tavazzano facility will continue to lead work on innovative, functional flexo printing solutions
  • Upcoming launch of Webshop allows customers to order parts and other consumable items through an online portal specially customized to their exact needs

To further reach new flexible packaging customers, Koenig & Bauer has opened a bigger demo center at its corporate headquarters in Würzburg, Germany, to present its flexo solutions

It’s an exciting time to be part of Koenig & Bauer’s CI flexographic printing press division. Due to customer demand and growth, the division is investing in additional service technicians, consolidating its assembly operations for faster build time, and making it even easier to order essential parts. Shorter runs, combined with higher numbers of SKUs, requires faster turnaround, shorter makeready, and just-in-time deliveries. The flexographic division is actively watching and responding to big global trends such as sustainability and recyclability of materials. Its research and development team is actively testing materials, like new recyclable resins, to help the industry move forward.

“During the past year, our flexo customers have reported an increased demand for plastic food packaging,” says Daniel Vilchez, Koenig & Bauer’s Flexo Sales Director-Americas. “Data has also shown that the growing e-commerce trade is calling for weight-saving, flexible packaging. Due to this dual convergence of growth, our advanced CI flexo presses for printing on film, paper, and board are in great demand. As the only press manufacturer for all industrial printing processes on the widest range of substrates, it allows our customers to ensure cross platform continuity.”

To answer its customers’ needs, Koenig & Bauer has invested in additional new service technicians to work hand-in-hand with customers. These additional specially trained and knowledgeable team members will ensure quick start-ups through development of new applications. 

“We take great pride in our entire organization’s first-rate service team,” says Preston Neetzel, Koenig & Bauer’s Flexo Sales Director. “From folding carton to corrugated to commercial printing, we have shared skills in the area of service and support so that customers have ultimate uptime. Many of our recent installations on paper, board, and specialty materials are allowing our customers to differentiate themselves from their competition and provide unique solutions in the flexographic marketplace.”

The Koenig & Bauer flexo team has been active participants at industry conferences and events. The firm has been a sponsor at the Flexographic Technical Association’s annual and semi-annual events in which Daniel Vilchez was a key speaker. At the Flexible Packaging Association’s annual conference, its management team participated providing a clear sign of its long-term commitment with the packaging industry. 

To further serve its customers and increase satisfaction, Koenig & Bauer is planning to launch Webshop, an initiative that originated from its newspaper division. Due to its easy-to-understand and user-friendly navigation, Webshop provides customers with an online portal to easily order parts and other consumable items. This initiative is planned to go live by year’s end.

Another unique key advantage is its ability for downstream units where customers can address unique particular applications as this is proliferating more than ever. Printers are more and more interested in the benefits of expanding their production capabilities for further market differentiation. These additional downstream units allow for special colors, coatings, as well as adhesives and diecutting. One particular feature that stands out for customers is the firm’s unique custom ink chambers that are quick, easy to use, and provide outstanding print quality results. 

To further reach new flexible packaging customers, Koenig & Bauer has opened a bigger demo center at its corporate headquarters in Würzburg, Germany, to present its flexo solutions. The flexible press assembly operations in Tavazzano, Italy, have been relocated to Würzburg, Germany. Tavazzano will continue to lead the group's work on innovative, functional flexo printing solutions. Customers can continue to rely on its many years of expertise in the field of flexible packaging.

In the coming years Koenig & Bauer’s focus will be on using its strong service network with over 1,000 employees and global sales to further expand market share in the flexible packaging sector and to continue to be a loyal partner with its customers by providing innovative, customer-oriented solutions and digital pro-active services. 

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