Koenig & Bauer News Feed https://www.koenig-bauer.com/ en Koenig & Bauer AG Tue, 18 Feb 2020 06:04:48 +0100 Tue, 18 Feb 2020 06:04:48 +0100 news-1601 Thu, 06 Feb 2020 18:48:11 +0100 Coral Graphics Maintains Leading Edge With Two Ultra-Modern Koenig & Bauer Duran Omega Carton Folder Gluers http://us.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/details/article/coral-graphics-maintains-leading-edge-with-two-ultra-modern-koenig-bauer-duran-omega-carton-folder-gluers/ •        New Omega folder gluer allows new inhouse capabilities and a 20% increase in total job throughput

•        Significant investment is part of a $2 million purchase to benefit its clients and expand its post press solutions

•        Louisville location serves the publishing, healthcare, packaging and home entertainment markets

Louisville has a long tradition of showcasing the best-in-class. Since 1875, the Kentucky Derby has been held there, and the Coral Graphics team, a leading printer and subsidiary of the Bertelsmann Printing Group, likes to quip that it offers the same high quality and speed of those thoroughbreds running in that premier race. To maintain its leading edge, Coral Graphics has made a variety of investments at its centrally-located 100,000 sq ft facility in order to supplement its portfolio with high-quality finishing solutions and in 2019 invested approximately two million U.S. dollars in a number of new machines for the Louisville site, which serves the publishing, healthcare, packaging, and home entertainment markets.

In recent months, for example, the Louisville team has bolstered its post press department with a number of new machines including two ultra-modern Omega carton folder gluer machines with hot and cold glue application: an Omega Intro 110 and an Omega Allpro 110. Additional investments have been made in a saddle stitcher, several folder units and stackers, two automated cutters, a collator and booklet maker, and new packaging machines. The team in Louisville is hiring new members too.

“We now have more powerful and sophisticated machines than at any time in our history,” says Coral’s General Manager Mike Murray. “That makes us 20% faster and better, because we have more control over the whole production process. Our customers benefit from that locally, and so does our entire network.” And the new equipment provides a further advantage: In the recent past, Coral Graphics Louisville has been allocating finishing work to external service providers from a budget of about ten million U.S. dollars per year. With the new machines, these jobs can now be performed in-house.

Coral was extremely pleased with the quick installation and training for its two Omega machines. The folder/gluers are producing straight line, double wall, crash lock and optional four- and six- corner with single finger servo fold for high speed precision as well as inner partition, Z-fold, conical crash lock and CD boxes at a maximum belt speed of 400 m/ min for the Allpro and 300 m/min for the Intro. Both Omega folder/gluers handle a wide range of substrates from cartonboard to corrugated, are extremely versatile and capable of producing the most complex range of carton styles, which minimizes makeready and maximizes productivity and profitability. All Omega gluers are equipped with touch screen control panels, and modems for diagnostic purposes that are designed for strength and reliability.

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news-1596 Tue, 28 Jan 2020 18:39:53 +0100 Koenig & Bauer Maintains Strong Technological Position in the Global Corrugated Board Market with Launch of CorruCUT Sheetfed Flexo Press and Die Cutter http://us.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/details/article/koenig-bauer-maintains-leadership-position-in-the-global-corrugated-board-market-with-launch-of-corrucut-sheetfed-flexo-press-and-die-cutter/ •        Leading corrugated packaging firm is first to install the new CorruCUT

•        Unique features such as a vacuum-belt feeder without infeed shaft, a new solution for anilox roller exchange, and an overhead vacuum delivery are included

•        Strong durable side frames made from cast iron poured to shape at 1300 °C at the foundry display almost no vibrations

Koenig & Bauer is maintaining its strong technological position in the growing global corrugated board market with the launch of the CorruCUT, a new sheetfed flexo press designed for the large and high growth market for direct printing on corrugated board.

“Corrugated customers are seeking machines with faster setup and more automation as well as tailor-made solutions for their specific environment,” says Jeff Dietz, vice president of the Web & Specialty Press Division at Koenig & Bauer (US). “Waste handling in the corrugated process is a big concern as is color consistency and repeatability for brands. We believe the new CorruCUT will satisfy the needs of printers who require high graphic corrugated printing and converting machines that are faster and more cost efficient to operate. Our CorruCUT flexo press will enable us to further consolidate our strong technological position in the growing packaging market.”

The sheetfed flexo CorruCUT press is designed with extremely robust mechanical engineering paired with maximum ease of operation and maintenance. Its strong durable side frames are made from cast iron poured to shape at 1300 °C at the foundry, which display almost no vibrations. It unites proven technology with modern electronics and intelligent automation, establishing a high performance production tool geared to all current demands of the corrugated industry. By virtue of its printing and diecutting quality, the short makeready times and general operating comfort, this new innovation with a spectacular design has generated a very positive response from customers and the global corrugated board industry.

The CorruCUT incorporates a number of unique features such as a vacuum-belt feeder without infeed roller, a new solution for anilox roller exchange, and an overhead vacuum delivery. The CorruCUT handles corrugated sheets with a width of up to 110 inches and a thickness of 0.354 inches, running at speeds up to 12,000 sheets per hour. Koenig & Bauer engineers have designed it with DriveTronic shaftless drives that allow the demands of high precision multicolor flexo post-printing to be easily achieved. It allows operators to set up while production is running and affords fast job change and low-maintenance. It provides operators with integrated error diagnostics and online remote maintenance. Users control the machine with a flexible Profibus system and easy-to-use ergonomic touchscreen. Its open-architecture design permits access to the printing units for setup while the current production continues. Its production management system permits the saving of repeat jobs and the automatic presetting of job parameters. The integrated error diagnostics and online remote maintenance also surpass general standards.

Sheets are carried in exact register from the feeder, via the printing units to the rotary die-cutter by way of a continuous overhead vacuum transport system. The direct drive technology also allows the use of different printing plate thicknesses by compensating the circumferential speed of the cylinder. The CorruCUT printing units are fitted with the proven quick-clamp chamber blade system made from carbon fiber composite. The low volume of the chamber blade serves optimum ink transfer and minimal ink losses during washing. The ink supply and the automatic washing system are designed to achieve the best possible results with low water consumption and fast washing times.

The prestigious Klingele Group is the first customer to install the new CorruCUT sheetfed flexo press with integrated high board line rotary die-cutter at its German box plant. In developmental partnership with Klingele, the new press has been designed for the high-performance rotary production of die-cut corrugated products in ultimate flexo post-printing quality. The Klingele six-color press is a completely new design – from the feeder, via the printing units and rotary die-cutter to the delivery. Due to the high quality of the CorruCUT’s printing and diecutting, its short makeready times and general operating comfort, the new machine has generated a very positive response from Klingele and the global corrugated board industry. 

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news-1590 Wed, 22 Jan 2020 23:16:33 +0100 NEPA Carton & Carrier Adds 50% Capacity With Spring Delivery of New Koenig & Bauer Rapida 145 http://us.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/details/article/nepa-carton-carrier-adds-50-capacity-with-spring-delivery-of-new-koenig-bauer-rapida-145/
  • New custom-built large format Rapida 145 doubles productivity and accentuates quality
  • Fully automated Koenig & Bauer Rapida will provide additional capabilities for further marketplace expansion
  • Duo of high-speed six-color presses bring unique Koenig & Bauer color control, quality, and superior build and technology
  • As the craft beer industry continues its steady growth and momentum, NEPA Carton & Carrier is seeing increased demand from this specialized niche contribute to its own exceptional sales growth. With a sterling reputation as a full service folding carton manufacturer for businesses across the U.S. specializing in beverage carriers, this northeastern Pennsylvania package printer is poised to deliver products that are not only sturdy but fun, artistic, and colorfully creative, telling the story of each brand, special seasonal occasion or limited edition.

    As a leading folding carton provider to the beverage, food, cosmetic, and tray marketplace, NEPA’s customers will be the beneficiaries of a second new Rapida press, to be delivered in the spring of 2020, allowing NEPA to continue to provide superior customer service, quality products and quick turn-around.

    “Our work is of the highest quality and time sensitive and we work hard to consistently exceed our customers' expectations,” says Mike Collins Sr, president of NEPA. “Our current Koenig & Bauer Rapida 145 57-inch press has added value to our business and allowed us to become trusted professionals that deliver exceptional products to our customers. Due to the continued growth of craft beer sales, now amounting to 24% of the total $114-billion U.S. beer market, as well as our continued new market penetration, we are excited about adding a second Rapida to our pressroom equipped with increased efficiencies and added capabilities that will contribute to the high level of quality and service that our customers expect from us.”

    Superior Koenig & Bauer technology and unique features outperform competitors

    NEPA places the highest premium on providing high quality custom folding carton solutions that meets the needs of individual customer production. “We chose a second new Koenig & Bauer sheetfed press because it has unique technology as compared to other press manufacturers,” says Collins. The new press, with a top speed of 17,000 shp, will be equipped with a host of automated modules specific to Koenig & Bauer such as QualiTronic Color Control, QualiTronic PrintCheck, and QualiTronic Instrument Flight – grey-balance control from System Brunner. All of these advanced color control systems will provide the ultimate system for total print quality control and it requires no operator intervention.

    What makes NEPA’s current Koenig & Bauer press stand out?

    NEPA chose to add a second Koenig & Bauer Rapida press due to its outstanding productivity, sharp reduction in client turnaround, and high quality produced on its current Rapida press. This key workhorse, a 57-inch six-color large-format press, which has been operating unabated for the past three years, is delivering the highest speed to bring their customer’s products to market with total quality control systems. To provide the utmost degree of quality, it is equipped with inline color measurement and control via a camera located in one of the units that takes a picture of each sheet as it is printed. This system improves quality for NEPA’s customers and substantially increases productivity.

    To ensure that its beer cartons are color consistent from run to run, NEPA relies on its Koenig & Bauer ErgoTronic color control system on its Rapida 145. NEPA operators are clearly enthused by the streamlined automation and reduced makeready from hours to only minutes, says Collins. Additional important automation systems include the multi-function CleanTronic washing systems and the Koenig & Bauer DriveTronic SIS (Sensoric Infeed System), a patented sheet infeed system that eliminates the need for NEPA’s operator intervention.

    To maintain its leadership role in the beverage carrier and carton industry, NEPA utilizes its environmentally-friendly Koenig & Bauer VariDry HL Blue system to provide ultra fast throughput due to its drying capabilities resulting in a greener footprint.

    Leader in using QualiTronic System Brunner Instrument Flight

    Its new Koenig & Bauer Rapida 145 will also be equipped with the inline QualiTronic System Brunner and its Instrument Flight system, just as the current Rapida 145 is equipped. When NEPA installed it three years ago on its current Rapida 145, the firm became one of the first printers in North America to have System Brunner and its Instrument Flight system featured on its new press. In that time, this important feature, says Collins, has allowed the press to be controlled via grey balance with the QCC option from Koenig & Bauer. It also is the only system on the market that allows a printer to change and select the grey balance that they prefer on press and control. This allows NEPA to run and control its printed product to G7 standards. 

    NEPA Carton has served the folding carton industry from its present location in Moosic, PA since 1984. The firm, which brings to the industry over 50 years of collective experience, is headquartered in a 55,000 sq ft facility and 80,000 sq ft warehouse space. It is family owned and operated, and prides itself in the personal attention given to each and every customer. NEPA Carton offers the fastest turnaround in the industry even on custom designs. It provides superior customer service, quality products and quick turn-around.

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    news-1581 Thu, 09 Jan 2020 13:38:05 +0100 Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica Launches New Evo XC Compact CI Flexo Press http://us.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/details/article/koenig-bauer-flexotecnica-launches-new-evo-xc-compact-ci-flexo-press/
  • Aimed at flexible packaging printers who seek a space-saving solution and considerable energy savings
  • Outstanding printing quality at reduced investment costs
  • Printing speeds up to 400m/min, ultra fast job changeovers
  • Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica recently launched a brand new high performance compact CI flexo press---the Evo XC---to join its well-established line of Evo models. The eight-color press offers one of the smallest footprints in the industry and is available in two different versions with a maximum repeat length of up to 850 mm and printing speeds up to 400 m/min.

    “This press represents state-of-the-art technology for newcomers as well as experienced printers (e.g. from the rotogravure industry) who want to enter the CI flexo market in a budget-friendly way,” says Preston Neetzel, sales director-flexo  of the Web & Specialty Press Division at Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica. “We developed the Evo XC to enable efficient printing with environment-friendly water-based inks not only on paper, but also on plastic films. The Evo XC is aimed at flexible packaging printers who are seeking a space-saving solution and considerable energy savings at the same time. This small-sized machine can be an additional press to an existing wide-web machine converter in order to achieve a new level of cost-efficiency.”

    Wrapped in the iconic Koenig & Bauer design, the Evo XC features traditionally solid machine engineering in combination with the intuitive HMI, a completely new dryer concept as well as the latest digital Industry 4.0 features, which herald a new era in terms of output efficiency, production uptime and operator-friendliness.

    Its key features include:

    ·       Iconic machine design: the clear and minimalist design concept of this printing press increases safety while reducing failures in operator workflow due to a new level of accessibility.

    ·       Human machine interface: a new intelligent HMI with large 24-inch touch screens has been introduced to promote simple and intuitive job data input and control of the press functions.

    ·       PrintTronic automatic impression settings: this proven technology ensures automatic control of print impression positions with minimized material waste and increased production uptime. Integrated in the HMI, PrintTronic delivers practical benefits such as quicker printing impression adjustment on all printing decks at once, no requirement for video cameras or additional external equipment, no need for dedicated marks or RFID imbedded sleeves, no ink consumption during the process and compatibility with any type of material, plates or inks.

    ·       Doctor blade chamber: this system achieves outstanding printing results because adjustments are made automatically for accurate and fast job changeovers. A fast clamping system and extra long-lasting doctor blades provide easy operation and low maintenance. An optimized interior geometry of the chamber with a reduced volume results in additional ink savings and ensures smooth operation with hardly any ink spitting

    ·       DryTronic: In order to meet the demands for efficient drying of solvents and water-based inks for both inter-deck as well as final dryer stages, Koenig & Bauer has introduced an enhanced inter-color drying system for efficient heat transfer to the web while at the same time reducing heat loss. Due to an optimized configuration, the dryers generate effective airflow – even at high printing speeds – to promote homogeneous drying. Accurate temperature control of the system ensures constant drying and low energy consumption without sacrificing print quality or damaging the web. An important benefit of the novel drying system between colors is its compact and ergonomic design that improves operator-friendliness for maintenance and cleaning.

    ·       WashTronic: The WashTronic system optimizes the inking supply and allows the ink to be changed more quickly. Due to less ink in the circuit, a higher productivity level can be achieved, especially with increasingly shorter jobs. The integrated arrangement of the system reduces the total footprint of the press while remaining ergonomic for the operator at the same time.

    The new Evo XC from Flexotecnica made its maiden debut at the K2019 fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, where it drew crowds to view its several live demonstrations each day and will next appear at the Koenig & Bauer booth at Drupa 2020 in Düsseldorf.

    Koenig & Bauer (US) is located in Dallas, Texas and a member of the Koenig & Bauer Group, which was established over 200 years ago in Würzburg, Germany. Koenig & Bauer’s claim, “We’re on it.” gets to the heart of Koenig & Bauer’s values and competencies for all target groups. The group's product range is the broadest in the industry; its portfolio includes sheetfed offset presses in all format classes, post press die cutting, folder gluers, inkjet presses and systems, flexographic presses, commercial and newspaper web presses, corrugated presses, special presses for banknotes, securities, metal-decorating, glass and plastic decorating. For more information visit the company's web site at www.koenig-bauer.com.

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    news-1572 Tue, 17 Dec 2019 00:36:33 +0100 Carlson Print Group Holds Exciting Ribbon Cutting Ceremony To Introduce Its New Impressive High Speed Koenig & Bauer Rapida 105 PRO Six-Color Press http://us.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/details/article/carlson-print-group-holds-exciting-ribbon-cutting-ceremony-to-introduce-its-new-impressive-high-speed-koenig-bauer-rapida-105-pro-six-color-press/
  • New Rapida 105 PRO’s preset capabilities and color control systems are a few of the highlights
  • New press will provide a 25% reduction or more in make-ready time as compared to its existing press
  • Koenig & Bauer management team provided press tours and explained its unique technical features and advantages
  • On a highly-anticipated day, the Carlson Print Group officially unveiled its new Koenig & Bauer Rapida 105 PRO 41-inch six-color press to its entire organization in an exciting ribbon cutting ceremony on October 29th, 2019. The award-winning printer, with headquarters in Eden Prairie, south of Minneapolis, produces some of the most vivid eye-popping customized print pieces from commercial to packaging for some of the most recognizable brands in the world. The event, which was held at Carlson’s 74,000 sq ft facility, provided its team from the sales, production, and office staff with in-depth knowledge about the unique capabilities of the new Rapida 105 PRO, how it will open doors to even more high-end packaging opportunities, and expand its high value print products for all of its customers’ brand marketing.

    “We are proud to reveal our latest investment---our Rapida 105 PRO press---which will play a key role in producing our attention-grabbing and inventive work for our wide variety of nationwide clientele in the Fortune 100 to 500 list of businesses,” says Darren Carlson, chief executive officer of Carlson Print Group. “By investing in the new Koenig & Bauer press, we are accommodating our firm’s rapid growth and increasing our capacity for our valued clients that require bold, unique printed products by utilizing unique materials and special effects.”

    Left to right: Darren Carlson, CEO and President of the Carlson Print Group; and Eric Frank, senior vice president of marketing and product management at Koenig & Bauer; introduce all of the newest unique features of the popular medium-sized Koenig & Bauer Rapida 105 PRO 41-inch six-color press at the exciting ribbon cutting ceremony.

    Indeed, the firm’s internal analysis of the new press has calculated impressive productivity increases and important savings reductions in other important areas. The Rapida 105 PRO will increase CPG’s productivity by at least 30% or higher, according to Earl Guinter, Carlson’s sales manager, and a minimum 25% reduction in make-ready time as compared to its existing press. The latest Koenig & Bauer model at Carlson will meet its environmental and sustainable goals with the addition of energy saving LED-UV lamps.

    The special event kicked off with welcome remarks from Eric Frank, Koenig & Bauer’s senior vice president of marketing and product management, who addressed the crowd from the press deck on the importance of a strong partnership between the two leading firms and a vision forward. CPG’s CEO Darren Carlson, standing alongside him, emphasized the importance of providing value added print solutions and explained to the audience the importance of this key investment to the organizations’ continued strong growth. It is, he said, market acknowledgement of the firm’s fine reputation as a high quality print provider. Carlson also noted his appreciation towards his dedicated team that continually provides the industry’s top satisfaction.

    After the welcoming remarks, Koenig & Bauer’s sales and management team were on hand to provide insight into the unique features of the new press and lead small group walk-throughs that allowed the CPG team to understand all the new technical features and advantages it can bring to their customer base. In-depth round table discussions were held with all facets of the organization on Carlson’s high growth and how the new press will support its diverse, high quality product portfolio that is unique to the marketplace.

    One of Carlson’s biggest targets is to attain the highest quality color for its worldwide brand customers and ensure perfect customer press checks. Equipped with a trio of superior color control systems--- ErgoTronic Color Control, ErgoTronic LAB, QualiTronic Color Control---the new Rapida 105 PRO is providing Carlson’s press operators with color control that insures that their printed product maintains superior color consistency from the beginning of their production run to the end. These systems are also giving Carlson the ability to measure every single sheet and execute automatic color correction with QualiTronic ColorControl inline measuring equipment.

    Carlson Print Group is pioneering new dimensions in print with the latest in imaging and finishing technologies. The Eden Prairie, MN firm prints on virtually any substrate, from the lightweight paper publication grades to a variety of synthetics including various forms of plastic. No matter what the job, from short run digital solutions to large-scale litho print projects, the quality of its work is matched only by its dedication to service.

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    news-1563 Tue, 03 Dec 2019 23:18:47 +0100 Koenig & Bauer Awarded “Company to Watch” at Fifth Annual Digital Packaging Summit http://us.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/details/article/koenig-bauer-awarded-company-to-watch-at-fifth-annual-digital-packaging-summit/
  • Fifth annual event attracts 95 printing/packaging executives to expand digital technology knowledge
  • Koenig & Bauer demonstrates its holistic approach, encompassing digital vision for packaging
  • All eyes on launch of new Koenig & Bauer VariJET 106 at Drupa 2020
  • At the recent fifth annual Digital Packaging Summit 2019 in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, Koenig & Bauer was honored to be recognized with the coveted “Company to Watch” award. Organized and managed by NAPCO Media and Packaging Impressions magazine, the Digital Packaging Summit 2019, a three-day, invitation-only gathering in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, played host to 95 printing/packaging executives anxious to expand their knowledge of digital technology as it relates to their package printing and associated businesses.

    On hand were 43 solution providers, including Koenig & Bauer, who presented to and interacted with the packaging executives, sharing case studies and first-hand reactions by users of the sponsoring companies’ technologies. Label and packaging executives at this year’s summit voted Koenig & Bauer as the “Company to Watch” basing their decision on what they see in the market and what they hear at the summit.

    Left to right: Brian Ludwick, VP & Publisher/Brand Director, Packaging Impressions; congratulates Eric Frank, senior vice president of marketing and product management at Koenig & Bauer; and Maik Laubin, sales director of digital solutions for the VariJET 106; and presents them with the coveted “Company to Watch” award along with David Pesko, EVP at NAPCO Media & Event Director, Digital Packaging Summit.

    “The Digital Packaging Summit is an extremely unique opportunity to present our company’s digital vision and provides the opportunity for personal round table discussions on the future direction of our industry,” says Eric Frank, senior vice president of marketing and product management at Koenig & Bauer. “We are very proud to receive this coveted award.”

    Koenig & Bauer was also represented by Maik Laubin, sales director of digital solutions for the VariJET 106. “This event was an outstanding venue for Koenig & Bauer to inform the market on our new VariJET 106 digital 41-inch press and further understand the exact needs of the folding carton market,” says Laubin. “The VariJET 106 will be launched at Drupa 2020 in Düsseldorf, Germany, and we expect tremendous excitement about Koenig & Bauer’s digital initiative that will help our customers grow into new markets and enhance their capabilities. We enjoyed meeting with attendees to understand their options, challenges, economics, and critical decision-making criteria.”

    At the summit, attendees learned more about the new VariJET 106. The VariJET 106 combines the strengths of digital inkjet with those of classic offset printing and inline finishing by integrating inkjet technology into the platform of the high-performance Rapida 106 offset press. The consistent modular concept combines the opportunities of digital inkjet with the acknowledged print and inline finishing capabilities of the offset process. Coating, cold foil transfer and printing before the inkjet unit, coating, printing and die-cutting thereafter. With the VariJET 106, printers are ideally equipped to produce the packaging of the future, whether that means personalized and individualized print products or constant alternation between short and medium runs.  As a modular system, the VariJET 106 can be configured exactly the way a printer requires for its particular production needs. It is this unique flexibility which defines the VariJET 106 as the most productive and most cost-efficient hybrid printing system on the emerging market for digital packaging printing.

    The Digital Packaging Summit puts users and suppliers together to show how digital printing technology in labels, folding cartons, flexible packaging and corrugated materials can deliver a bottom-line difference. With compelling presentations by leading analysts and industry experts, in-depth real-world case studies in intimate boardroom settings, and focused one-on-one meetings, the Digital Packaging Summit is a unique venue that defines the agile, responsive and profitable future of label and package printing.

    “Koenig & Bauer (US) has been a loyal supporter of the Digital Packaging Summit since we started the event in 2015,” says David Pesko, executive vice president at NAPCO Media and event director. “We congratulate them on winning this coveted award. The ‘Company to Watch’ award is voted on by all of our executive attendees and represents the sponsor they feel is poised for success, the most innovative, and a company to keep an eye on moving forward.”

    The Digital Packaging Summit is a free, all-inclusive experience for qualified attendees – senior managers and business executives who want to understand how current and future digital production printing technology, software and solutions will impact their business and investment decisions. This summit offers strategic-level insights into what printing and converting industry leaders should do to improve and optimize their business.

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    news-1553 Wed, 13 Nov 2019 01:35:12 +0100 Koenig & Bauer Press Investment Gains 30% New Business For El Paso Paper Box http://us.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/details/article/koenig-bauer-press-investment-gains-30-new-business-for-el-paso-paper-box/
  • New Rapida 106 41-inch perfector press provides added capabilities such as press automation and high-speed production for faster response to customer deadlines 
  • Tools on the state-of-the-art Koenig & Bauer Rapida 106 press provide its clients with consistency and repeatability
  • Texas-based high quality manufacturer serves major high-end consumer product clients throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean
  • In the past few years, El Paso Paper Box has expanded exponentially throughout the U.S., Mexico and into the Caribbean due in part to smart management decisions and a business-friendly environment. Sales for its paperboard packaging products have gained by 30% and new markets have been opened. But El Paso had already “set the table” for this growth by making a $15 million capital expenditure that included a new Koenig & Bauer seven-color, 41-inch Rapida 106 full inline UV coating sheetfed perfector press in 2016.

    El Paso Experiences 50% More Productivity With Rapida 106

    The impact of its new strategic press investment was extraordinary sales growth, faster speeds and productivity, and new customers that demand higher quality levels. “Our 30% sales increase has come both organically and externally, via the addition of new customers,” says John Dowd, El Paso’s Executive Vice President. “Since the net speed of the Rapida 106 is averaging up to 18,000 sheets/hour for our longer runs, we are yielding up to 50% faster speeds. This has increased our productivity and become a prime driver of new business for us. We also have the confidence imparted by the Rapida’s excellent color controls to seek out new business that we are now handling with ease.”

    So much so that El Paso’s management believes that its current sales will double within five years and it will possibly add a satellite location within five to 10 years, says Paul Malooly, El Paso President and CEO.

    World Class Uptime On New Rapida Press

    When asked why they chose Koenig & Bauer, Manny Corral, El Paso’s printing supervisor, said: “The uptime on our Rapida 106 is world-class. The reliability of the press gives us a solid footing to tackle the most demanding jobs and deliver on-time. Its high speed production provides us with faster response to customer deadlines.” 

    Like the majority of printers today, one of its most demanding areas is color control. Its operation’s team is mandated to insure that the printed product maintains superior color consistency from the beginning of the production run to the end. “The color of the packaging we produce must be consistent, both within the run itself and from one run to another,” explains Dowd. “Our clients value consistency and repeatability, and the tools for providing both are state-of-the-art with our Koenig & Bauer Rapida 106.” To that end, El Paso invested in the unique Koenig & Bauer LogoTronic software that delivers accurate presetting data from its prepress department.

    Left to right: the team at El Paso Paper Box: John Dowd, executive vice president; Paul Malooly, President and CEO; and Carlos Espinoza, vice president and general manager

    Unique And Differentiating Features on the Rapida 106

    After initial startup, which generates 20% less waste than El Paso’s previous press, both the Koenig & Bauer ErgoTronic and QualiTronic software step up its game with solid color controls, ink densities and color measurement reports. The ability of the ErgoTronic camera to constantly measure registration, along with the QualiTronic measurement of color - for every single sheet – ensures El Paso can deliver 100% color control for all of its customers, says Dowd. 

    Another smart management decision by El Paso was to configure its new Koenig & Bauer Rapida press in the perfecting mode. Since the installation, El Paso has been able to offer a variety of solutions such as six-over-one positions to its customers. “The perfecting capability of the Rapida106 has been a real plus for our business,” says Dowd. “A lot of formerly two-pass work can now be run in one pass since we can simultaneously print the front and reverse sides of the package. This gives us a “leg up” on our competition, as the costs to perfect are minimal compared to a two-pass run.”

    Koenig & Bauer’s special enhanced training

    Part of its investment philosophy at its 105,000 sq ft facility in the far southwestern region of Texas is to continually train its employees with the latest techniques that are being demanded by its customers. Recently, the firm hosted a coating seminar with Koenig & Bauer at its facility in which Chris Travis, Koenig & Bauer’s director of technology, conducted the session along with representatives from coating and roller suppliers. El Paso’s three lead pressmen were in attendance along with Manny Corral, El Paso’s printing supervisor.

    “Customers have become increasingly demanding in the types and effects of the coatings they choose,” says Malooly. “From soft touch, to gloss UV, to matte aqueous, we are continually challenged to support the demand in new coatings for market differentiation for our client base. This seminar was invaluable for our knowledge and understanding. Having the added technical abilities of UV printing and new coating techniques on our Rapida 106 expands our offerings to our customers.” 

    El Paso would highly recommend all of the benefits of continually investing in new equipment. “When you make major investments, like we did with our new Koenig & Bauer press, you indicate to your customers and your employees that you’re solidly focusing on fast-moving events in consumer trends, helping your customers better market their products, as well as exhibiting your determined dedication to the printing and packaging industry,” says Dowd. “We’re reaping the benefits of investment in seeing substantial growth in our business.”

    El Paso Paper Box (EPPB) has been a designer and manufacturer of custom paperboard folding cartons for decades. It serves the electronic/electrical, automotive, consumer goods, beauty, food/confectionary, medical/healthcare, bakery/supermarkets, building trades, and paper goods/office supply markets. With a focus on the end-user’s shopping and buying experience, the firm brings a deeper level of service to its customers’ folding carton packaging needs. The retail package is extremely important in the process of getting the product to the consumer safely and appealing to the customer at their point of decision-making. EPPB has a deep understanding in areas from package usability to shelf appeal, and this new press will help provision them for continued success in the future.

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    news-1538 Tue, 29 Oct 2019 22:51:30 +0100 First Class Service Yields Double-Digit Productivity Increases and Launches Industry First Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tool for Koenig & Bauer Customers http://us.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/details/article/first-class-service-yields-double-digit-productivity-increases-and-launches-industry-first-artificial-intelligence-ai-tool-for-koenig-bauer-customers/
  • Inspection audits provide powerful data to increase production up to 20%
  • Fast same-day parts and service distinguishes Koenig & Bauer from other press manufacturers
  • Customized service agreements provide peace of mind for press life cycle
  • As Koenig & Bauer continues to expand exponentially with new press customers as well as new partnerships, its service department, long lauded as a vital premier asset, has been increasing its customer service team with more skilled, knowledgeable members and enhancing its department with technologically advanced tools that provide fast communication between customer and service team. The goal is always to seamlessly mesh with the customer in an effort to work more collaboratively and efficiently, to schedule service around a customer’s complex calendar, and provide a team of trusted and experienced customer service technicians who are skilled communicators offering unique solutions to each customer.

    “We’ve already set the bar very high within our department to actively address our customers’ needs,” says Uli (Ulrich) Koehler, Vice President of Service for the Americas at Koenig & Bauer. “Customers are our highest priority and the heart of our business. We have implemented a more pro-active approach in which we identify adjustments to enhance their investments for years to come and deepen the relationship between us. Our mandate is to provide faster and easier access to all of our comprehensive services.”

    Today’s modern technology being utilized at Koenig & Bauer is key to the fast response and expert advice by the customer service team. “We document every activity for each customer’s press,” says Koehler. “We can build up a history transaction, which is monitored and stored in our own system for the life cycle of the press. By having a remote connection, we can even utilize the new tool Visual Press Support to gather and share additional visual information about the press status to help our customers work faster to find a solution and avoid unnecessary downtime. Our ongoing investments in revolutionary technology allow us to better monitor, service, train, and maintain a customer’s press. The data streams from the Rapida presses can be used to proactively and predictively foresee events. To this end, Koenig & Bauer uses artificial intelligence algorithms and optimization methods, such as machine deep learning tools, to identify patterns for the early detection and avoidance of unplanned breakdowns and to plan for necessary maintenance.”

    Under the watchful guidance of both Uli Koehler and Michael Eichler, Sales Director Service Select, Koenig & Bauer’s ongoing commitment is to its customers and their long-term success. By prioritizing its services and incorporating new technologically advanced systems, its customer service department and its team can help a customer achieve the highest uptime and throughput. The customer service specialists form partnerships and provide advice on upgrades, retraining, new technology, and advancements.

    “Our philosophy for our team is to be pro-active, engage the customer early and often by providing useful, intuitive guidance for their Koenig & Bauer press and their facility,” says Eichler. “We want to keep the customer well-informed and be able to make informed decisions in advance. This allows them to set a budget for any type of upgrades or repairs, schedule it when most convenient for their workload, and ultimately saves money. Our customer service specialists are vital to maintaining and strengthening the customer experience.”

    One of these initiatives is a press audit report that is performed by the customer service specialists. The machine audit, which can take from a day and a half to three days, allows the electrical and mechanical specialists to dive deep into the customer’s press to detect any wear and tear. It can also be supported with a Luchs test for print quality on offset presses. The audit’s results are a very detailed examination of the press from the feeder to the delivery. By taking this proactive approach, Koenig & Bauer’s customer service team is increasing the customer’s press investment.

    Southern Champion Tray, a long-term Koenig & Bauer customer, is a recent example of this initiative. Ever since 1927 when it was established, SCT has gained a stellar reputation as a leading manufacturer of paperboard packaging. After forming a strong partnership with Koenig & Bauer over the past 20 years with multiple press installations at its facilities in Texas and Tennessee, its regional customer service specialist, Matthias Olk, approached the pressroom manager at its Chattanooga, TN facility to perform a press audit and inspection on its Koenig & Bauer Rapida 142 six-color press.

    “Our 16-year-old Rapida 142 was certainly posting a lot of impressions and we were pleased to have this audit that provided us with a list of small and large upgrades to improve both safety and productivity,” says Matt Sherman, SCT’s pressroom manager. “I was impressed that Koenig & Bauer was proactive in providing us with hard data and our monthly performance reports for the press. We’ve now increased our monthly productivity by 20-25%. It made quite a difference for us. The service team at Koenig & Bauer is amazing.”

    Fast response to customer queries for 20,000 sph press

    Koehler also places emphasis on fast responsiveness to customer queries and needs. “We’re always working to see how well the team improved a customer’s productivity, efficiency, or helped to broaden their market,” he says. “Our fast same-day parts and service is one of the most important factors that distinguishes Koenig & Bauer service from other press manufacturers.”

    For example, Hederman Brothers, a leading commercial printer for more than a century, has been operating a 20,000 sph Rapida 106 41-inch six-color press plus coater for the past two years at its new facility in Madison County, MS.

    Recently, the firm needed a new part for its press and called Koenig & Bauer’s remote service. Realizing the critical nature of keeping the press up and running, the part was shipped and received the same day.

    “We received the new part at 6 p.m. and had the press up and running by 8 p.m.,” says John Shaw, production manager at Hederman Brothers. “I am amazed at the quick response from Koenig & Bauer and the team led by John D. Starratt Jr., our regional customer service specialist. This reassures all of us at Hederman Brothers that we made the right decision when we broke a 118-year tradition of buying presses from a competitor and placed an order for our very first Koenig & Bauer press.” 

    Solving a printer’s press issues for 50% higher productivity

    Sometimes a Koenig & Bauer customer purchases a press used from a third party. In this scenario, the customer service team can apply its expertise and knowledge to solve press issues and enhance press production in order to achieve the customer’s goals. ABS Graphics is a leading Itasca, IL printer that purchased a used Rapida 142 56-inch press from a third party to focus on its large format signage work.

    “Between working with Steve Oswald, our customer service specialist and his team, we were able to optimize press production. Today, the press is very productive and management is absolutely satisfied with the press,” says Tim Koenig, senior vice president of operations at ABS. The press is now operating at almost 50% higher productivity.

    Upgrades increased OEE by over 20%

    The customer service team also prides itself on conducting retrofits and upgrades for its customer base in order to extend the life of the press and maintain its peak performance. As K1 Packaging prepared to install a new Koenig & Bauer Rapida press this past spring, the City of Industry, CA-firm asked to have Koenig & Bauer’s service department perform an audit on its existing Rapida 105 press.

    “Having the service technicians from Koenig & Bauer visit our facility made a big impact on our pressroom,” says Abel Aguilar, K1’s pressroom manager. “It absolutely changed the performance of the press and increased our overall equipment effectiveness greater than 20%. We are very happy with the outcome.”

    Koenig & Bauer offers service agreements that are customized to the needs of each printer. If a press operator needs additional training, says Koehler, the service team can find a solution. With specific re-training, the support team can ensure operators are achieving maximum output. “Over one to two days, the team can provide input to the press operators on how to maximize the speed of the press, minimize waste, and reduce makeready,” says Koehler. “Our customer service specialists have expert eyes. We want to help the customer stay on top of all issues.”

    Taking a proactive approach and retaining Koenig & Bauer for monthly or quarterly demonstrator training is highly advisable, says Koehler. “We have customers with presses that are operating 24/7,” he says. “They depend on the press for fast turnaround, high productivity, and customer satisfaction. By participating in this on-going customer service plan, the customer receives a list several times a year of what areas need to be tweaked on the press. Our service teams train new press operators or help existing press operators gain confidence, become more productive, and optimize their workflow. Having our service technicians come to their pressroom solidifies our partnership with our customers and helps to improve their overall annual performance production by a minimum of 15% to 25%.”

    Upgrading to better systems including LED curing

    As additional printers seek to upgrade their presses to more productive systems, the Koenig & Bauer customer service team is being asked to perform many of these duties. For example, a large Canadian printing company recently received a significant upgrade to its six-unit Koenig & Bauer Rapida press converting it from conventional offset printing to LED UV curing capabilities as LED UV curing continues to grow. The Koenig & Bauer team is currently preparing offers for similar upgrades

    “Our Koenig & Bauer technicians completed the installation on budget and ahead of the estimated schedule, much to their delight,” recounted Wolfgang Guenther, director of service for Canada.

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    news-1529 Thu, 17 Oct 2019 00:57:22 +0200 Curtis Packaging Investment Adds 20% Sales Growth On Its Luxury Packaging Market http://us.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/details/article/curtis-packaging-investment-adds-20-sales-growth-on-its-luxury-packaging-market/
  • Completely customized new Koenig & Bauer Rapida 106 41˝ 15-unit press’s advanced technology propels firm into new markets
  • Strong 30% job production increase with new capabilities
  • New Rapida press surpasses expectations of the firm’s business plan
  • On any given day, colorful sheets designed to become luxurious packaging are being printed, specially coated, embossed, hot stamped, and die-cut at the headquarters of Curtis Packaging in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, destined for some of the most high-end globally-recognized iconic brand retailers within the health and beauty, sports, liquor, entertainment, computer software and pharmaceutical markets.

    To make all of this magic happen, Curtis invested in an incredible 29” x 41”, 15-unit Koenig & Bauer UV press in 2018. “This is the only press in the world with our unique configuration allowing us to apply up to 11 colors and four separate coatings all in one pass,” says Don Droppo Jr, president and CEO of Curtis Packaging. “The investment in this completely customized Koenig & Bauer Rapida 106 press gives our company endless possibilities.”

    The newest investment at Curtis Packaging: a Koenig & Bauer Rapida 106 41-inch 15-unit UV press; inset: left to right: Don Droppo, president of Curtis Packaging Corporation; Chris Travis, Koenig & Bauer director of technology; and Kerry C. Brown, vice president of operations; believe the new press is contributing to its 20% sales growth.

    Immediately after it was installed, this special Rapida 106 press was producing amazing work up to its customer’s high expectations and already reducing internal costs. “We’re gaining a 65% improvement in our changeover times with this press,” says Kerry C. Brown, vice president of operations. “Since then, we’ve been able to line-up so much work and it has increased our sales dramatically. The press is easily paying for itself. With our new Rapida 106 we’ve seen a 30% increase in job production output on this press. We could not be more pleased.”

    As an established leader in the luxury packaging market, Curtis has recently gained at least 10 to 15 new customers. “2019 is turning into our best year yet,” says Droppo. “We’re posting strong 20% sales growth. Our clients are ramped into hyper drive. The investment in the new Koenig & Bauer press is contributing to this growth. It’s giving us higher speeds, faster production, and increased embellishments with only one pass. This new press has certainly surpassed the expectations of our business plan.”

    To maintain Curtis’ exceptional printing promise, the firm has invested in a suite of presses from Koenig & Bauer. The latest Koenig & Bauer Rapida 106 press beautifully complements the firm’s seven- and eight-color all-UV Koenig & Bauer Rapida 130 presses. Curtis can competitively run as little as 500 sheets to over five million sheets.

    To efficiently manage all of these jobs, performance data from the new Rapida 106 press is automatically captured for analysis via Koenig & Bauer’s LogoTronic Professional, which provides detailed reports on every activity taking place on the press. The system also includes Logotronic Cockpit, which provides detailed reports on the OEE performance of the Rapida 106 press. With these systems in place, Curtis management is able to record and analyze its press data to ensure excellent print quality as well as measure its impressive 20% gains in impression count and waste reduction.

    Curtis enjoys opening its unique headquarters for customer visits. “We had a valued client who came to visit while we were printing their job,” says Brown. “Their graphic designer came along too and brought a new design that they wanted to print as well. We were able to produce both high-end jobs in 10 minutes with our new Rapida press using its amazing color control and one-pass efficiency. We knocked it out of the ballpark.”

    Curtis Packaging is a leading provider of luxury packaging solutions for some of the world’s top brands. It manufactures high quality folding cartons for the most discerning global brands. It draws inspiration from the creative human spirit, which it uses to create high quality products of outstanding beauty and enduring value. Every paperboard carton the firm creates passes through the hands of many experienced packaging professionals. Each touch exemplifies the dedication, knowledge, and tradition cultivated since Curtis was established in 1845. It is a global leader in both printing innovation and environmental stewardship. Curtis has a rich heritage of excellence in production, and an exemplary environmental record. Curtis is the first packaging company in North America to be 100% Carbon Neutral, use 100% Renewable Electricity, and be Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified. Responsible sourcing and material innovation are a core business practice.

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    news-1499 Tue, 24 Sep 2019 20:39:54 +0200 TPC Printing & Packaging Expands Range of Unique Special Effects For Its Elite Customers With New Koenig & Bauer Rapida 105 PRO 41-Inch Press http://us.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/details/article/tpc-printing-packaging-expands-range-of-unique-special-effects-for-its-elite-customers-with-new-koenig-bauer-rapida-105-pro-41-inch-press/
  • New Rapida 105 PRO 41-inch 10-color straight or eight-over-two perfector press is equipped with popular color control system, UV and LED curing, and cold foil system
  • Sixth consecutive record-setting sales year for Chattanooga, TN printer that serves leading brands in the spirits, cosmetic and fragrance, over-the-counter pharmaceutical, and health and beauty segments
  • Increasing trend in value-added specialty substrates, effects, and embellishments for high-end brand packaging
  • When the winners are chosen for outstanding design and production at an elite nationwide paperboard packaging competition, it is not unusual for TPC Printing & Packaging to be recognized by the judges and garner a number of top awards. This highly-decorated Chattanooga, TN-based boutique printer with an outstanding reputation produces a wide range of high-end custom folding cartons and promotional packaging for distinguished customers primarily in the cosmetics, fragrance, spirits, OTC pharma and health and beauty markets. 

    “We pride ourselves on delivering unique and innovative results for our discerning customers,” says Joseph A. Schmissrauter III, president of TPC Packaging. “We’re recognized in the Paperboard Packaging Council for producing extremely complicated packaging projects, which include the concept, design, print, performance, and shelf appeal of each of our award winning entries. With this national industry awareness, it’s easy to tout that we are the most prominent and innovative packaging printer in the country.” 

    Left to right: Joseph A. Schmissrauter III, president of TPC Printing & Packaging; and his siblings, Kurt Schmissrauter, Hilda Murray, and Mark Schmissrauter, anticipate the arrival of a second Koenig & Bauer Rapida press at their Chattanooga facility.

    That mandate has been woven into the daily production at TPC Packaging since its inception 95 years ago. Ever since J. A. Schmissrauter Sr. established the business in 1924, the third generation of the Schmissrauter family has followed this blueprint for success. In April 2019, the family celebrated this milestone event. Today, Joseph Schmissrauter III is joined in the business with his sister, Hilda Murray, and two brothers, Mark and Kurt Schmissrauter, who each have a dedicated market segment that they oversee. Now the fourth-generation of the family has become involved in the business.

    Emphasis has always been placed on reinvesting in new technology to maintain the diversity and innovation required by its nationwide brand customers. In early 2020, TPC will address that need with the arrival of a new Koenig & Bauer Rapida 105 PRO 10-color 41-inch press, which will join an existing 2015 Koenig & Bauer Rapida 105 eight-color press. Schmissrauter and his team worked directly with his Koenig & Bauer sales manager, Sam Creel, to create a specialized versatile press that offers either 10 straight or eight-over-two perfecting, multiple inline curing units, combination LED-UV processes, full automation and color control, and the ability to handle multiple specialty substrates.

    “The driving force behind adding a second Koenig & Bauer press is that TPC Packaging wants to continue to be recognized as the leader in innovative packaging in North America and give us that extra capacity to grow and continue to respond to the delivery demands of our customers,” said Schmissrauter. “Our goal is to consistently serve our world-class consumer retailers and well-known brand names better, and we are confident that our latest Rapida 105 PRO will help us do just that.”

    Since its customers tend to test and try new techniques for their eye-catching packaging, TPC needs to quickly transfer important press presetting data directly to the console; the new Rapida 105 PRO 10-color press will be able to provide this quick data stream via the Koenig & Bauer LogoTronic CIPLinkX.

    TPC places a high premium on delivering color consistency throughout the press run to ensure brand identity. An important consideration on the new Rapida 105 PRO is its ErgoTronic ColorControl color measuring inspection system, which will provide the ability to control and monitor color on every single sheet the press produces while improving efficiency and reducing makeready. 

    Once the new Rapida 105 PRO is installed in the first quarter of 2020, it will also offer another “first” that TPC will proudly be promoting. The firm will be the only supplier in the world with an inline Eagle cold foil system, an offline hot foil system, and a variable digital foil/polymer solution. The Eagle system will help TPC provide better in-line cold-foil options for its customers, accentuate brand packaging, and provide faster and more efficient cold foil-enhanced jobs.

    When TPC decided to invest in a new press, there never was a discussion as to what press manufacturer they would choose, says Schmissrauter. Purchasing a new Rapida from Koenig & Bauer was a natural fit, he admits. The Koenig & Bauer team, including Sam Creel, sales manager, and Chris Travis, director of technology, provided the insight and direction to identify the key features for the new press order.

    “Our current Koenig & Bauer Rapida 105 eight-color press continues to exceed our expectations,” says Schmissrauter. “Most of our jobs call for multi-passes through various packaging process presses. On average these complicated jobs can require nine machine passes. It’s even not uncommon for us to have a project that calls for 14 machine passes. Now instead of those two to three passes through the printing press per job, we will now only need to do one pass with our new Rapida 105. We will save millions of print impressions by running more jobs through in a single pass. And because our clients utilize high-end unique substrates, such as vat-dyed paper, foil laminated papers and holographic materials that can cost up to $2 or $3 per sheet, we’ll gain material savings as well. Plus, our customers are delighted with the press and its fully automated production, fast run speeds, efficiency, and short make-ready.”

    Not long ago, TPC completed the rigorous yet satisfying certification process involved in becoming a G7 Master Printer. This qualification program identifies printing companies that have been trained to proof or print to G7 Neutral Print Density Curves and can meet print buyer requirements to produce proofs or printed output conforming to the metrics that reliably render brand images across print locations and different printing types. The qualification mark means that the printer uses the modern technology based on colorimetry, and employs G7 process controls. TPC proudly publicizes its important certification since many of its customers require G7 Master Printer certification.

    Chattanooga, TN-based TPC Printing & Packaging is a highly-experienced, independent producer of high quality custom folding cartons and promotional packaging for a number of markets, including the pharmaceutical, food, spirits, and cosmetics industries. Founded by the late J. A. Schmissrauter, Sr. in 1924 as Textile Printing Company, TPC is wholly owned and operated by the third generation of the Schmissrauter family. It is considered one of the top-10 suppliers of fragrance and cosmetic packaging in the U.S. and one of the top-five packagers for the spirits industry. The company has won the prestigious Paperboard Packaging Council Innovation Award numerous times.

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