SupremeX Folding Carton Makes Strategic Investment In 41-Inch Seven Colour Koenig & Bauer 105 PRO

  • New fully automated UV-equipped 41” Koenig & Bauer Rapida 105 PRO
  • To be installed at Town of Mount Royal (former Stuart Packaging Inc.) in June 2019
  • Management selects Koenig & Bauer for its high productivity and enhanced quality
  • Improved efficiency, reduced waste, and improved throughput increase available capacity

When the Folding Carton division of SupremeX, one of North America’s leading envelope and packaging manufacturers, acquired Stuart Packaging and G2 Printing in the past two years, it made a strong statement to its customers and shareholders: it was accelerating into the thriving packaging market and positioning itself to be a leader in Canada and to the U.S. market.

In June 2019, SupremeX Folding Carton will accelerate its competitiveness and growth in the high-growth folding carton market with the installation of its newest press: a fully-automated UV-equipped 41”, seven colour Koenig & Bauer Rapida 105 PRO. 

“We evaluated a wide array of press manufacturers but in the end it was an easy decision to choose Koenig & Bauer,” says Stewart Emerson, President and CEO of SupremeX Inc. “Koenig & Bauer is an established leader and is celebrating its third century in business. We are confident that the addition of the Rapida 105 PRO to our current installed base of Koenig & Bauer presses will further enhance our capabilities, quality, competitiveness, and add much needed capacity. Simply put, we believe that this press is exactly what we needed and is the best of the best,” Emerson added.

SupremeX Folding Carton was formed by the combination of Stuart Packaging and G2 Printing. Stuart Packaging was acquired in July 2017 while G2 Printing was purchased in May 2018. Together, these two highly respected businesses brought over 80 years of expertise and commitment to quality, service and flexibility to SupremeX. Today, SupremeX Folding Carton is leveraging the capabilities and capacity of its two folding carton operations in Laval and Montreal, along with its label plant in Laval to drive cost-effective growth.

The company has formed a reputation as a leading, eco-friendly provider of premium quality folding cartons in a one-stop-shop for folding cartons, labels and inserts. As a BRC and GMI certified printer, it is fully dedicated to achieving the highest control and quality standards and is trusted by an array of multinational and strategic industry leaders. In addition to its growing folding carton business, SupremeX is among the 5 largest envelope manufacturers in North America and operates in the rapidly growing e-Commerce Fulfillment Packaging and Corrugated Packaging markets.

“We remain focused on accelerating our double-digit growth in folding carton, label, corrugate, and e-commerce packaging products,” said Mr. Emerson. “We strive to be a ‘Best-in-class’ folding carton manufacturer through our excellence in quality, service, flexibility and by partnering with our customers to meet their ever-changing needs.  The investment in our new Koenig & Bauer Rapida 105 PRO is a testament to this goal.”

SupremeX Inc. is a leading North American manufacturer and marketer of envelopes and a growing provider of paper-based packaging solutions. It is the only national envelope manufacturer in Canada, with 12 facilities across seven provinces as well as three facilities in the United States, employing approximately 830 people. SupremeX’ growing footprint allows it to efficiently manufacture and distribute paper and packaging solutions designed to the specifications of major national and multinational corporations, resellers, government entities, SMEs and solutions providers. For more information visit the company's web site at


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