Luxury packaging printer reaches new levels of quality and output with its newest Koenig & Bauer pressNew Koenig & Bauer Rapida 105 PRO Ten-Color Perfector Press Enhances Ultra-Rich Design Capabilities at TPC Printing & Packaging

  • New Rapida posts significant 50% increase in output with less machine hours
  • Increased speeds of 30% and reduced make-ready time of 50% due to improved automation  
  • Additional 60% capacity delivered into TPC’s pressroom
  • The perfector and cold foil units add enormous design capabilities for TPC’s world-class consumer retailers and well-known brand names

When world-class consumer retailers and well-known brand names require an especially unique luxury package, they turn to TPC Printing and Packaging, a highly-decorated boutique printer with an outstanding reputation for producing a wide range of high-end custom folding cartons and promotional packaging. At its Chattanooga, TN facility, the privately-owned firm operates a stable of automated Koenig & Bauer presses including two Rapida 105 eight-color plus coater presses and its new Koenig & Bauer Rapida 105 PRO 10-color 41-inch perfector press, a specialized versatile model that offers either 10 straight or eight-over-two perfecting, multiple inline curing units, combination LED-UV processes, full automation and color control, and the ability to handle multiple specialty substrates. Since its installation in early 2020, TPC has been generating increased double-digit speed, efficiency, capacity, and faster turnaround for its customers. 

The new 10-color Koenig & Bauer Rapida 105 PRO perfector press is enhancing ultra-rich design capabilities and reaching new levels of quality and output at TPC Printing & Packaging

“In the past eight months we have seen enhanced capabilities due to the new press,” says Joseph A. Schmissrauter III, president of TPC Packaging. “We’ve increased speeds and reduced make-ready time using improved automation on this press. The automation and enhanced speed have also helped production efficiency. We have already experienced a significant increase in output with less machine hours. We are showing our customers a lot of unique and innovative in-line cold foil using the inline Eagle cold foil system for eight-over-foil configuration.”

Limitless designs    

Schmissrauter and his team specifically designed the press as a perfector since about 60% of its work mix requires inside printing. Its in-line back printing uses the 8/2 configuration in which the press has a perfector between units 2-3 to allow for printing two colors on the backside and eight colors plus coating on the front side--all inline. The new press with perfecting has already seriously reduced the number of impressions through the pressroom, he says. The perfector and cold foil units have added enormous design capabilities for TPC’s luxury packaging customers. In fact, says Schmissrauter, when used in combination with its Scodix E-106 large format variable digital decoration device, the design options are almost limitless. “We are now the only folding carton company in the world to offer in-line cold foil, off line hot foil and off-line variable digital Scodix foil under one roof,” he says.   

Environmental and sustainable packaging solutions are a growing demand from TPC’s customers. To provide options for these customers, TPC outfitted the new Rapida with a cold foil unit on units 1-2 to allow for in-line cold foil and eight color overprints + coating in-line. The in-line cold foil capability from Eagle has allowed TPC to avoid more expensive and environmentally challenging fully laminated metalized polyester (MPE), explains Schmissrauter. “We can now offer in-line foil transfer and only apply foil where it is needed.”

 TPC decided to partner again with Koenig & Bauer on the new 10-color press purchase because management believes that it is the best printing press in the world for package printing and is manufactured at the highest level of engineering and craftsmanship. “Our expectations were more than met when we installed the 2017 eight-color Rapida,” says Schmissrauter. “The new 10-color installation was complicated by the pandemic but TPC and Koenig & Bauer were able to successfully work through this challenge under some very rigorous conditions. The new Rapida 105 PRO press has exceeded our expectations. We are ready to go to a higher level of quality and output with this new additional press.”


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